What is


skills “Giinos” uses

to fight evils?

Simply, “Team” is our ultimate weapon. Nothing is more powerful than our team. They are the most valuable assets at Giinos. We emphasize on building, training and pushing our team off the cliff. What you don't know you can do, find it here.

What does "Giinos" mean?

In general, it means nothing. It does not exist in dictionary. I just invent it with my inner energy to express what we are and what we are going to be. Did you remember when you are a child? You played a superhero toy and you named it with your heart. You equipped yourself with imaginary super-advance skills to fight evils. What you care of this hero is not the name but the mission, destroying the evils and safe the world!! And tomorrow your superhero would have new name with even more advance skills, always better than yesterday. It’s just that.

For me, Giinos means "endless learning and improvement". This is what we are. We always learn new things with direction. We hope it becomes killer skills to fight evils and safe this world!! If not, we just throw away and move on!! But every time we throw it away, we gain more valuable weapon. Yes!! it's EXPERIENCE !! We are improved every time we get hurts. Recently I realize that now we are building our real superhero who can create a great things to this society, improve our living and sure, safe our world !! It's named Giinos !! :)

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