40 hours a week of your life


There are no limit to what you could do at Giinos. We define the role according to what you capable to do and would like to become in the future. At Giinos, we have a back-end developer who also design user experience, we have a programmer who learn 8 different programming language in a year, and we have an algorithm-centric programmer who excel in graphic design. No one tell you what to be. We choose the path together. Just like RPG game, we have different roles to make up a team. Here's what we looking for (pick one or more):

Mobile Developer

iOS and Android are platform we distributed our software on. Developing for Smart Phone is nothing like desktop, the way user interact with it, the stricter design language, . And with variety of input, such as accelerometer and geolocation, it open a new horizon of

Graphic Designer

Single line is not beautiful until you add another line of different colour underneath it to create depth. You never satisfy with solid colour background until you add a little bit of almost invisible texture on it. For you, gradient is not transition of 2 colours, but gradual changes of 5 gradient stops to create lighting effect. These little things are easily ignore by untrained eyes, but subconsciously appreciate by viewer. Are these what you been doing all these time? If so, we admire you hard work and would like you to join us. There's no other place that will appreciate your effort like Giinos.

System Architect

Design is not visual. Design is decision making. For example, trade-off one feature to lower bandwidth. Lower bandwidth reduces cost and increase response time. Cost reduction lower selling price, allow business to enter wider market. But, what if that feature concern stability? What will you choose? Design is also about finding solution. Imagination helps increase options that could ultimately lead to better solution. We expect our System Architect to be wise, have variety of knowledge and in depth. Be imaginative and have no bound are also a must. And we believe that you should also be a good programmer before being a good architect. If you never get your hand dirty, how could you understand the impact of what you have made?

Infrastructure Team

We built our product on Cloud Technology, that means our customer trust us to keep their important assets secure and accessible. That's the job of infrastructure team. Maintain servers with unexpected load and makes it just-in-time scalable is a challenging task. It requires you to dig into latest technology in distributed system and study lots of tools. Plus, you have to defend it against attack from around the world.

Web Developer

Technology is nothing if nobody can use it, and front-end team is the one who put technology into the hand of user. This requires understanding of "human interaction" in general. Javascript, CSS & HTML5 Canvas are the basic. But, of course, if you really are front-end web developer, you know that it's all about framework. jQuery, Dojo, require.js, backbone, Coffeescript, you named it. Also, the trade-off of what to do in the back-end and front-end If you love to give user a "WOW!!" experience when they use your apps. If you love to learn cool new stuff and able to learn fast. If you have patient to make it looks exactly like what Graphic Designer designed, pixel-to-pixel, point-to-point. Then, welcome home!